Super Easy 

Kimchi Pancake (V)


Serves 4


Difficulty EASY



  • 4 tsp of oil

  • 330g of fully fermented vegan Mr Kimchi (Sliced Chinese Cabbage)

  • 100g of Korean pancake mix (If not using Korean pancake mix, substitute with ½ cup plain flour and ⅛ tsp salt)

  • 200ml of water

  • 1 tsp of brown sugar



Spring onion optional

Sesame seed optional


Dipping sauce

  • 2 tsp soy sauce

  • ½ tsp vinegar

  • ¼-½ tsp Korean chilli powder (Gochugaru) optional

  • 1 tsp chopped spring onion optional

  • Seasame seed optional

   How to make it

  1. Mix 330g of fully fermented Kimchi and with Korean pancake flour (or flour substitute) in a bowl

  2. Add water and sugar in the mix and mix well

  3. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat with 2 tsp of oil and spread out batter thinly and fry half of well mixed pancake batter for 3 minutes

  4. Using a food turner, flip the pancake mix until the other side is properly cooked

  5. Place pancake on a plate, sprinkle with chopped spring onion and sesame seed (optional) and serve with soy dipping sauce.


Repeat with remaining oil and batter and serve with soy dipping sauce.

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