Baechu Kimchi (Chinese Cabbage Kimchi)

Main ingredients: Salted Chinese Cabbage (2 portions)
Sub ingredients: Shredded Radish (700g), Spring Onion 100g
Kimchi Paste: Garlic 50g, Ginger 20g, Chilli Pepper 50g, Salt 10g, Glutinous Rice Powder 50g, 50ml of warm water
1. Use a little less salted cabbage instead of fully salted one.
2. Thinly slice radishes 0.3cm thick.
3. Crush garlic and ginger and slice Spring onion diagonally.
4. Make the Kimchi paste by adding sweet rice powder with water, garlic, ginger and mix them well with salt and chilli pepper powder.  
5. Put the paste between salted cabbage leaves.
6. Wrap the seasoned cabbage with the outer leaf and put it in the air-tight container. 
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