MR. KIMCHI's ultimate goal is to make all the customers happy and healthy by eating our kimchi

We are premium Kimchi brand launched by Yoon Global LTD in 2012 in the UK.


Founder Sharky Yoon, originally from South Korea, is a Korean food developer who has been dreaming of introducing Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish to the international market. 


Based on a traditional Kimchi recipe stemming from his family, he has introduced the authentic taste of Korean Kimchi to UK customers. 

With over 20 years of expertise in food and beverage industry, MR. KIMCHI use fresh local ingredients, avoiding the artificial additive or preservatives. 

More and more people are eating Kimchi now due to its health benefits, versatility and great flavour. 

MR. KIMCHI always tries to make fresh, unpasteurised, 100% naturally fermented that is full of probiotic and authentic Korean Kimchi to the UK Market.


We are sure that you can tell the difference in the taste and freshness of MR. KIMCHI products to others.

Enjoy the delicious, complex flavours, spice and versatility of our Kimchi as a complement to your next meal.


It's time to enjoy MR. KIMCHI.

SALSA Accredited

SALSA is a accreditation only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to SALSA auditor that they are able to produce safe and legal food and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard. 

We are so proud of our well respected accreditation, which help us to continue performing at a top level. These benefits are delivered straight to you, our valued customers. 



Kimchi is a Traditional Korean Fermented Vegetable, which is supposed to be naturally fermented.

It creates natural healthy probiotics while it is fermented. Many types of vegetable can be turned into ‘Kimchi’ such as radish, cucumber and spring onion but the most common vegetable used is Chinese Leaves (Napa Cabbage).

Fermentation creates a wonderful pungent flavour that gives Kimchi its unique taste when mixed with the versatile flavours of garlic, chilli pepper and spring onions.


Has Vitamin A, B, C
Contains healthy bacteria ‘lactobacillus’, which can help digestion and gut health.
Can support a good immune system as Kimchi contains garlic and chilli peppers.


Things that are NOT in traditional naturally fermented Kimchi:


  • Vinegar

  • Soy Bean Paste/Miso

  • Gochujang – Chilli Pepper Paste

  • Alcohol


The above ingredients are NOT included in traditional Kimchi. They may disturb the natural fermentation process and change the natural taste of Kimchi.


Your health is important to us.


So we are introducing a full boost of live

probiotic Kimchi that also adds great flavour to your dishes.





Salted cabbage draws out excess water in the cabbage, making it crunchy and creates an environment that kills harmful bacteria. Only good bacteria ‘lactobacillus’ can thrive in these conditions! Chilli Pepper (Gochugaru) and garlic is then added to add complex and vibrant flavour.

During the natural fermentation process, good bacteria ‘lactobacillus’ creates lactic acid as their by-product, which lowers the PH, giving Kimchi its distinct tanginess.

Lactobacillus also makes carbon dioxide, which creates bubbles. This sometimes causes the Kimchi juices to overflow when opening due to pressure building up in the jar. The fizziness indicates that the fermentation is successfully taking place.

Once you get that sour, tangy taste, it is best to refrigerate as it is the sign of fully fermented Kimchi. Kimchi tastes much better when served cold! Enjoy the live bacteria in MR. KIMCHI products!

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