Founder of MR. KIMCHI, Seung Hyun Yoon, also known as Sharky, was born in a small village in southern part of Seoul,

capital city of South Korea.

Growing up in Korea, Kimchi has been always there at his family's dinner table.

When he found there was no proper Korean Kimchi in UK market, his unwavering passion and knowledge of Kimchi motivated him to establish a premium Kimchi product 'MR. KIMCHI' in 2012.

Based on a traditional Kimchi recipe stemming from his family, he has introduced the authentic taste of Korean Kimchi to UK customers. 

More and more people are eating Kimchi now due to its health benefits, versatility and great flavour. 

MR. KIMCHI always tries to make fresh, unpasteurised, 100% naturally fermented that is full of probiotics and authentic Korean Kimchi to the UK Market.

We are so proud of our well respected accreditation which help us to continue performing at a top level. These benefits are delivered straight to you, our valued customers.

With over 20 years of expertise in food and beverage industry, MR. KIMCHI use fresh local ingredients, avoiding the artificial additives or preservatives common in so much of imported Kimchi on the market today. 

Enjoy the delicious, complex flavours, spice and versatility of our Kimchi as a complement to your next meal. 

It's time to enjoy MR. KIMCHI.


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